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AG Dra reported in outburst

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Matthew Templeton
AG Dra reported in outburst

Hello everyone,

Munari et al reported in Astronomer's Telegram #7582 (2015 June 01) that AG Dra may be in outburst.  The optical brightness has increased by 0.2 magnitudes (so far), but more critically, there has been a change in the emission line spectrum that typically indicates an outburst.

Both visual and CCD observations are encouraged.


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AG Dra

Hi Matthew,

AG Dra was around magn. 11 in B and increased to 10.65 on May 23th. Since then it decreased again and it is now again around 11. This temporarily increase was less obvious in V.

All data (till May 31th) have been uploaded to the AAVSO database (cfr. lightcurve (file attached))



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