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Bright Star Monitor Epoch Photometry Database

Thursday October 22, 2015 marks the release of the third version of the AAVSO's Bright Star Monitor Epoch Photometry Database to the AAVSO membership.

The Bright Star Monitor (BSM) Epoch Photometry Database (EPD) v1.0 contained 14 million photometric observations of approximately one million stars. Version 2.0 went online in February 2014 with approximately 20 million observations. Version 3.0 triples the size of the database to more than 66 million observations covering the time period of October 14, 2012 to September 30, 2015. The stars observed, both variable and constant, lie within fields observed with one of the Bright Star Monitor telescopes.  Every frame taken with a BSM is photometered during processing, and magnitudes of every star from every available filter are extracted.  These individual sets of measurements are also stamped with the time of observation, and so the full data set represents a time series for each of these one million stars.  We are now releasing these data as a new resource for field photometry and data mining to the AAVSO Membership.

As an example of the data quality, here is a plot of U Men from the epoch photometry database.  A few dozen objects are monitored more extensively than the typical field, and U Men is one of these.  Note that this is an interesting object, with two superimposed pulsating stars - the long period Mira with a period of about 409 days, and a shorter period 10th magnitude companion about 0.6 arcsec distant and with period around 19 days.

A complete list of the target field names contained in this data release can be found here.

If you are an AAVSO member, you may click here to access this database.

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The Bright Star Monitor Network and the BSM Epoch Photometry Database were made possible through the generous contributions of James Bedient, Donn Starkey, Doug Welch, Tom Krajci, Peter Nelson, Bill Stein, Greg Bolt, Bob Stine, Mike Linnolt, Richard Berry, David Benn, John Gross, Doug George (Cyanogen), Bob Denny (DC3 Dreams), and the Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG).

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