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Observer Awards-2015

AAVSO 104th Spring Meeting, Muncie, Indiana, June 4-6, 2015

Award/Recipient     Affiliation* Country/State     Interval    Total

Over 200,000 Visual Observations*
   Gary Poyner            20 England       1991-2014   201,083

50 Year Members

Congratulations and thank you to the following AAVSO members for having been members for over 50 years, as of the AAVSO's 103rd Annual Meeting in November 2014 or later!  We greatly appreciate your lasting support.

Honorary Membership-K. B. Marvel

In recognition of his invaluable contributions to the AAVSO through his service as Council member 2000-2002, Second Vice President 2002-2003, First Vice President 2003-2005, and Chair of the AAVSO Director Search Committee during the process in 2004 of choosing candidates for Director of the AAVSO to succeed Janet A. Mattei and in 2014 to succeed Arne A. Henden; his wisdom and guidance and his support, particularly during 2003-2004; and his ongoing support of the AAVSO as he serves as Executive Director of the American Astronomical Society,

Honorary Membership-H. J. Landis

In recognition of his contributions to variable star astronomy and faithfulness to the AAVSO through his devoted and meticulous leadership of the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry program 1975-2001: as Committee Chair; PEP data reducer and Database Archivist; developer of PEP reduction protocols and author of second PEP Manual; advisor, helper, mentor to amateur and professional astronomers in the complexity of PEP observing; and contributor of 1,675 PEP observations to the AAVSO International Database,

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Observer Awards-2014

AAVSO 103rd Spring Meeting, Ontario, California, June 12-14, 2014

Award/Recipient     Affiliation* Country/State     Interval    Total

Over 75,000 Visual Observations*
   Hiroshi Matsuyama       Australia              1978-2013    84,597

Observer Awards—2013

AAVSO 102nd Spring Meeting, Boone, North Carolina, May 16–18, 2013

Award/Recipient     Affiliation* Country/State Interval    Total

Over 125,000 Visual Observations*
Peter Williams                    29  Australia        1989–2011    134,630

Over 50,000 Visual Observations*
Marino Fonovich                       Croatia          1991–2012     50,374

Observer Awards—1994

AAVSO 83rd Spring Meeting, Houston, Texas, May 21, 1994

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval  Total

Observer Awards—1995

AAVSO 84th Spring Meeting, Stamford, Connecticut, May 13,1995

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval     Total

Observer Awards—1996

AAVSO 85th Spring Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, April 13‚, 1996

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval  Total

Over 100,000 Observations
  Gerald P. Dyck                        USA              1978‚Äì1995  100,744

Over 50,000 Observations
  David O. York                         USA              1966‚Äì1995   57,358

Observer Awards—1997

AAVSO 86th Spring Meeting, Sion and St. Luc, Switzerland, May 28, 1997

Award/recipient            Affiliation* Country          Interval       Total

Over 200,000 Observations
  M. Daniel Overbeek                10  South Africa     1952–1996  236,418

Over 50,000 Observations
  Hendrik Feijth                    04  Netherlands      1981–1996   52,267


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