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Charter Members

The membership database is currently undergoing upgrading/testing. Web functions that involve an interface with the member database (webobs, etc.) may experience intermittent problems. We hope to have this issue resolved within 24 hours (by 5pm Eastern Time on October 1st or 12:00 UT). Thank you for your patience.

"All those who have signed the Constitution and By-Laws on or before December 31st., 1917, shall be known as Charter Members."

                              —Constituion and by-laws of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, 1917

Rev. M. J. Ahern, Boston College, Massachusetts
Leah B. Allen, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Charles K. Arter, Cleveland, Ohio
R. W. Augustine, Chicago, Illinois
H. L. Baldwin, Denver, Colorado
H. C. Bancroft, Jr., Collingswood, New Jersey
Lemont Barbour, New York, New York
Charles E. Barns, Morgan Hill, California
Domenico Benini, Faenza, Italy
David A. Blencoe, Superior, Wisconsin
Dorothy W. Block, Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
A. T. Bolfing, Hayward, California
Charles A. Bruun, Kansas City, Missouri
Rev. Tilton C. H. Bouton, Hudson, New Hampshire
Frederick E. Brasch, Crerar Library, Chicago, Illinois
E. H. Bryan, Honolulu, Hawaii
Alan B. Burbeck, North Abington, Massachusetts
Leon Campbell, Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Isabella Fiske Conant, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Charles H. Cramer, Sandusky, Ohio
John J. Crane, Sandwich, Massashusetts
Bernhard H. Dawson, La Plata Observatory, Argentina
William J. Delmhorst, Jersey City, New Jersey
L. T. Donovan, Los Angeles, California
F. L. Durcharme, Arlington, Massachusetts
J. Duff, Regina, Canada
Charles W. Elmer, New York, New York
E. L. Forsyth, Needles, California
VIncent Francis, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Caroline E. Furness, Vassar College, New York
Paul Gmelin, Cranford, New Jersey
E. L. Gould, Orange, New Jersey
Edward Gray, Berkeley, California
A. W. Gregory, Morristown, New York
M. Alberta Hawes, Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
F. H. Hay, Los Angeles, California
William Herriott, Canadaigua, New York
G. Houdard, St. Germaine en Lay, France
S. C. Hunter, New Rochelle, New York
M. W. Jacobs, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Michael J. Jordan, Boston, Massachusetts
Giovanni B. Lacchini, Faenza, Italy
C. J. Larson, Negaunee, Michigan
Frederick C. Leonard, Chicago, Illinois
C. B. Lindsley, Berea, Kentucky
Willem J. Luyten, Devener, Holland
Charles Y. McAteer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
E. S. McColl, New York, New York
W. P. Meeker, Roland Park, Maryland
Eugene Middleton, Glendale, California
Edmund Mills, Jersey City, New Jersey
W. D. Morgan, Minneapolis, Minnesota
R. M. Motherwell, Dominion Astronomical Observatory, Ottawa, Canada
C. S. Mundt, Alameda, California
W. B. Newberry, Cleveland, Ohio
George F. Nolte, Weston, Massachusetts
A. H. Norton, Elmira, New York
William T. Olcott, Norwich, Connecticut
C. Pardo, New York, New York
H. H. Pease, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Eduard de Perrot, Yverdon, Switzerland
C. A. Phillips, Elmira, New York
David B. Pickering, East Orange, New Jersey
Silas W. Pickering, East Orange, New Jersey
E. W. Putnam, New York, New York
Frederick Ray, New York, New York
Susan Raymond, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts
W. H. Reardon, North Abington, Massachusetts
Dorothy Reed, Boston, Massachusetts
H. G. Rich, Evanston, Illinois
Charles F. Richter, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Fr. Luis Rodes, Chicago, Illinois
Henry R. Schulmaier, Berwick, Maine
Forrest H. Spinney, Hudson, New Hampshire
Rev. Victor Stepka, Clayton, Missouri
Helen M. Swartz, South Norwalk, Connecticut
Alice M. Swing, Cocoanut, Grove, Florida
Mary H. Vann, Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
E. H. Vogelenzang, Hilversum, Holland
Henry W. Vrooman, Kokomo, Indiana
Richard B. Waterhouse, Bourne, Massachusetts
Ada Weber, Cincinnati, Ohio
Charles T. Whitehorn, Bloomfield, New Jersey
David Wilson, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Ida E. Woods, Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Paul S. Yendell, Dorchester, Massachusetts
Anne S. Young, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts

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