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Comets discovered by Leslie Peltier

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(from Starlight Nights by L. Peltier, 1965 edition, Sky Publishing)

(designation, date, name)

1925d   (1925 Nov 13)   Wilk-Peltier
1930a   (1930 Feb 20)   Peltier-Schwassmann-Wachmann
1932k   (1932 Aug 08)   Peltier-Whipple
1933a   (1933 Feb 16)   Peltier
1936a   (1936 May 15)   Peltier
1937c   (1937 Feb 27)   Wilk (found by LP a few hours after Wilk)
1939a   (1939 Jan 19)   Kozik-Peltier
1943b   (1943 Sep 19)   Daimaca (found by LP 16 days after Daimaca)
1944a   (1943 Dec 17)   van Gent-Peltier-Daimaca
1945f   (1945 Nov 24)   Friend-Peltier
1952d   (1952 Jun 20)   Peltier
1954d   (1954 Jun 29)   Kresak-Peltier

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