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V336 Per in outburst! (ASAS-SN CV Patrol)

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V336 Per in outburst! (ASAS-SN CV Patrol)

V336 Persei (UG)

Mag. range: 14.3 - <20.0 p
Orbital period: unknown

The International Variable Star Index (VSX):

V0336Per 03:22:53.91 41:37:01.30 18.37
2016/08/01 14:06 57601.58767999988 15.38
15.43 57601.58893

PERV336 20160727.6 <16.79V ASN
PERV336 20160801.588 15.38V ASN
PERV336 20160801.589 15.43V ASN

The most recently observed outburst was detected by Jeremy Shears on 2009 August 27.971 UT (14.2 mag unfiltered).

Time-resolved photometry is urgently required.

Clear skies,

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V336 Per

I got a 4 hour run on V336 Per, it's around 15.1 unfiltered.

Cheer's, Douglas

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V336 Persei is still bright!

PERV336 20160803.597 15.18V ASN
PERV336 20160806.580 15.26V ASN

Superoutburst of a WZ Sge-/SU UMa-type or long outburst of an SS Cyg-type dwarf nova?

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