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Download APASS Data

Note to users: As of 2012 June 4, we are seeing an increase in the number of rapid-fire automated and scripted requests for APASS data.  This places a burden on our servers and our bandwidth.  If you require APASS data for large sections of the sky, please contact us so that we can provide you what you need much more efficiently.

Search APASS Data Release 8:

R.A. Dec.

Radius (degrees)

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  • RA & Dec. can be in sexagesmial (HH:MM:SS, DD:MM:SS) or decimal degrees
  • Radius is limited to 3 degrees or less. If you need a larger query, please contact us.
  • Information on APASS is available here.
  • Click the following link for notes on Data Release 1
  • For CSV output, the filename has the format "apass_(RAdeg)_(DECdeg)_(radius).csv"
  • 2012 May 30: For CSV output, the header line format has been changed to remove blank spaces and non-letter characters.  Software that uses APASS CSV files as input may require modification.
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