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JAAVSO v26n2





Volume 26 Number 2 1998
97 Possible Jet Formation in the Symbiotic System CH CYG
Margarita Karovska, Chris L. Carilli,Janet A. Mattei
  abstract pdf  
101 Monitoring the Evolution of Cepheid Variables
David G. Turner
  abstract pdf
112 AC HER and U MON: RV Tauri Stars in the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program
John R. Percy, Akos Bakos
  abstract pdf
119 U Delphini: The Last 100 Years
Raymond R. Thompson
  abstract pdf
127 IP Pegasi: Cataclysmic Stellar Variability with Eclipsing Binary Superimposition
Mary Dombrowski
  abstract pdf
132 Un-Named Fleming Variables
Dorrit Hoffleit
  abstract pdf
134 The Stewart StereoPhotometer
Robert J. Stewart
  abstract pdf
139 Human Nocturnal Spectral Sensitivity and Photoelectric V
Peter E. Hallett
  abstract pdf
151 Evolution of the "Real" Visual Magnitude System
Ronald E. Zissell
  abstract pdf
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