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UV–B and B-band Optical Flare Search in AR Lacertae, II Pegasi, and UX Arietis Star Systems


Gary A. Vander Haagen

Stonegate Observatory, 825 Stonegate Road, Ann Arbor, MI

Received May 15, 2013; revised October 4, 2013; accepted November 12, 2013


A high-cadence search was conducted on the known RS CVn-type flare stars AR Lac, II Peg, and UX Ari. Two optical flares were observed in the B-band on AR Lac at 5 milliseconds (ms) resolution for a rate of 0.04 fl/hr. Flare energy of the two B-band fast-flares ranged from 0.55 to 16.7 × 1033 ergs. The UV–B and B-band search of II Peg for 44.5 hours at 5 and 10 ms resolution and UV–B band search of UX Ari for 25.6 hours at 10 ms resolution detected no flare activity.

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