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Honorary Membership

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Bailey, Solon I. (Harvard College Observatory; 1918)
Bateson, Frank M. (Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand; 1986)
Bemporad, Azeglio (Director, Reale Osservatoria Astronomico di Napoli; 1918)
Bouton, Rev. Tilton C. H. (AAVSO, Hudson, New Hampshire and St. Petersburg, Florida; 1947)
Brook Charles L. (Director, Variable Star Section, British Astronomical Association; 1918)
Brown, A. N. (Variable Star Section, British Astronomical Association; 1928)
Brown, Ernest W. (Yale University; AAVSO President; 1929)
Cannon, Annie Jump (Harvard College Observatory; 1918)
Chandra, Radha Gobinda (AAVSO, Bagchar, Jessore, India; 1947)
Comello, Georg (AAVSO; Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Weer-en Sterrenkunde,
    Werkgroep Veranderlijke Sterren; 2011)
de Kock, Reginald P. (AAVSO, Royal Observatory, Observatory Cape, South Africa; 1946)
Droege, Thomas F. (AAVSO, Batavia, Illinois; 2007)
de Roy, Felix (Director, Variable Star Section, British Astronomical Association; Societe d'Astronomie d'Anvers; 1928)
Dugan, Raymond S. (Princeton University; 1934)
Fisher, Clyde (Curator, Department of Astronomy, American Museum of Natural History)
Gingrich, Curvin H. (Editor, Popular Astronomy; 1950)
Grouiller, H. H. (Association Française des Observateurs d'Étoiles Variables (AFOEV), Lyon Observatory; 1932)
Hagen, Rev. Johann Georg (Georgetown College Observatory; Vatican Observatory; 1917)
Hale, George E. (Mt. Wilson Observatory)
Hertzsprung, Ejnar (Gottingen Observatory; 1927)
Hoffleit, E. Dorrit (Harvard College Observatory, Yale University, Maria Mitchell Observatory, AAVSO President; 1986)
Jones, Albert F. A. L., OBE (AAVSO; Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand; Variable Stars South; 2011)
Kearons, Rev. William M. (AAVSO, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts)
Lacchini, Giovanni B. (AAVSO, Faenza, Italy; 1952)
Leavitt, Henrietta S. (Harvard College Observatory; 1918)
Lindley, William M. (Chairman, Variable Star Section, British Astronomical Association)
Mayall, Margaret W. (AAVSO Director; 1974)
Merrill, Paul W. (Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatory; 1922)
Mitchell, Samuel A. (Leander McCormick Observatory; 1918)
Olivier, Charles P. (Flower Observatory; 1967)
Parkhurst, John A. (AAVSO, Yerkes Observatory; 1917)
Peltier, Leslie C. (AAVSO, Delphos, Ohio)
Pickard, Roger (Director, Variable Star Section, British Astronomical Association; 2008)
Pickering, Edward C. (Director, Harvard College Observatory; 1917)
Prager, Richard (Berlin-Babelsberg Observatory; 1940)
Russell, Henry Norris (Princeton University Observatory)
Scovil, Charles (AAVSO, Stamford Observatory, Stamford, Connecticut; 2009)
Shapley, Harlow (Director, Harvard College Observatory; 1919)
Turner, H. H. (Oxford University)
Wilson, Herbert C. (Editor, Popular Astronomy; 1918)

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