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How to subscribe to the forums

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How to subscribe to the forums






The process of setting up a forum to send you e-mails when a post is made is called "subscribing". It's pretty easy to subscribe to a forum.

1- You must be a registered user on the AAVSO site. You don't have to be a member, but you have to be registered.

2- At the bottom left of the first post in every topic page is a "subscribe" link (you can see it at the bottom left of this post as well!). Click on it.

3- Three choices will appear:

  • Subscribe to this page - Check this off if you only want to subscribe to replies to this specific topic (for example, the Subscribe link on this post will allow you to subscribe to all new replies and edits to the topic "How to subscribe to the forums").
  • To Forum topic content- Check this off if you want to subscribe to EVERYTHING - any post or reply to any forum. Note that this means you will get a lot of emails!
  • To content in (NAME OF FORUM)- Check this off if you only want to subscribe to new posts or replies in the forum that you are currently in (for example, the Subscribe link on this post will allow you to subscribe to all new content in the Web Site and Forum Help & Announcements forum).



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responding to a post via email?

I read my posts by subscribing to the forum and then the post content arrives in my email box.  Is there an easy way to respond to the post from the email (such as click "reply" even though it says "no-reply" in the address?  Or what other method is easiest--apart from going to the forum page on AAVSO?


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RE: responding to a post via email?

Currently the website does not support replying to forum posts via email - you must visit the website to reply.  The subscription email does include several links - among them are the contact page for the author of the new post (for private contact) and the post itself (for public reply).  That way you can click straight to the post without having to search the forums.

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Responding easily

Hi Ken,

When you subscribe to a forum or thread, the email you receive includes a link to the thread that was updated.  For example, the email you're getting about this post should say "Link:". The easiest way to reply from your email is to click on that link, and it'll bring you right to the post.  Then as long as you're logged in, all you need to do is click "Reply" and write what you wanted to say!  It is one additional step beyond sending an email and might take some getting used to, but I hope it's still pretty easy to do.


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responding easily

Dear Staff:  Thanks for the information concerning posts  from all us (dinosaurs) and old folks. 

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Creating a new forum for Solar observing (2013 Solar Max)

Dear Staff:  Well, I gave it  a try and I still can't find the Create a new topic Button.  But, I am glad to see all the new imformation for 2013 Solar Max.

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Solar forum

Hi Anna,

I was going to reply to your email, but better to put it here in case others have the same question!  The Solar Observing forum should be the last one on the main forum page, . Or you can go there directly: .

Once you're on the forum page, you'll see where it says:

Solar Observing and SID Monitoring

Discussion for the solar observation program and also monitoring of sudden ionospheric disturbances (SIDs).


Right below that, there are two buttons.  One says "New Topic" and the other says "Mark All Read".  Click the "New Topic" button.  This page works the same way as the regular comment page, except you have to write a Subject line.  After your post is written, press "Save" at the bottom of the page.  Then your new topic will show up in the forum!

If you're still having trouble, I'm happy to post a thread for you about the solar maxima that you can reply to, but I was hoping you could do it yourself so that you can always create new topics in the future!

Best regards,


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Solar Max ( New Topic )

SUPER.  Yes, this is an excellent idea.  I agree with the " Do it Yourself" 

  As. Dr. Feymann would say: Finding things out for yourself. or something like anyhow. Best HNL

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