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Image Data Transfer Delayed

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Due to a computer configuration problem at HQ, the pipeline processing of new AAVSOnet data is not taking place.  Since this is a weekend, we won't have any new images for researchers until Monday.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


AAVSONet Status
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Hello Folks:

I hope people read the replies.

I have figured out that the images coming from the telescope to HQ via FTP have the wrong permissions on them. I've verified that with the 06 April data, fixed it at the directory level, and ran the processing manually for all the telescopes for 06 April. Due to weather we didn't get data for 07 and 08 April.

So, at this point, we should be caught up with AAVSONet processing. I am investigating why the permissions are being set wrong, will fix that, and will keep the scopes on manual processing, watching the data we get, until the data comes in with the correct permissions.  I figure I'll need a couple of days of processing iterations to get it down, but this should be entirely transparent to the users since I'll be processing the data on a daily basis both to debug and keep up.

Doc Kinne
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