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Monitoring PDS 110 for upcoming eclipse by exoplanet

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Monitoring PDS 110 for upcoming eclipse by exoplanet

AAVSO Alert Notice 584 announces a campaign on the young star PDS 110 to monitor an upcoming eclipse by its sub-stellar, possibly ringed exoplanet. Please see the notice for details, observing instructions, and links to publications about this star and research.

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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PDS 110 magnitude range

In AAVSO Alert Notice 584 I omitted the magnitude range of PDS 110. According to VSX, its range is V = 10.40-10.75. The webpage for the notice has been edited to include the range. My apologies, and many thanks to Arne Henden for letting me know of the omission.

Good observing,


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Best Sloan Filters for PDS110?


I plan to follow PDS110.  I currently have BVI and g' filters.  What Sloan Filter would be best to add to this sequence for this campaign?  u' or r'.

What will the cadence requested during the eclipse?



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