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New Stats Book by Grant Foster

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Aaron Price
Joined: 2010-05-07

Grant Foster has published a new statistics book titled "Understanding Statistics: Basic Theory and Practice".

Many of you will remember Grant as a former employee of the AAVSO. Of his many accomplishments were programming the original versions of TS, WWZ and VStar software. He also developed the CLEANEST and WWZ algorithms for analyzing variable star data. He's given many talks at AAVSO meetings both during his employment and after. He also wrote the excellent book Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide. This book is aimed at describing the fundamentals of "Stats 101".

I have not read it myself yet. However, I already ordered it just on his reputation alone. Grant is one of the best people I've met at describing stats to a layperson, so I have high expectations for the book.

It can be purchased from:

p/s: I get nothing from this plug. I just have high esteem for Mr. Foster. :)

Stats Book
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Joined: 2010-08-17

Hello Aaron

Thanks for providing the link for this.  Just ordered my copy.  Great to support Grant.


Gary W



Thanks, Aaron
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Joined: 2010-07-08

Good to know Grant's written another book.  "Analyzing Light Curves" is in my library, and I refer to it often.  A great text that is not only technically top-notch but each chapter provides everything you need to easily understand the following chapter.  His introduction to the free "R" statistical package was a big plus for me.

Hi Aaron, all I have just
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David Benn
Joined: 2010-07-29

Hi Aaron, all

I have just ordered my copy as well. I've read and re-read Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide, and continue to dip into sections often.


I've ordered my copy!
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I've ordered my copy! We are so lucky to have someone as knowledgable as Grant affiliated with the AAVSO. If you haven't already purchased "Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide", I highly, highly recommend it. I have a copy at home and another copy at work!



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Joined: 2010-05-10

Awesome! Buying my copy now! Grant is one of my favorite dorks.

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Joined: 2010-09-01

LOL - a great description of Grant! I miss seeing him at meetings (most especially his distinctive sense of humor). I will definitely be getting a copy myself!

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