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NOVA CEPHEI 2014 = TCP J20542386+6017077

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There is a new 11th magnitude nova in Cepheus. Originally posted as a possible nova  TCP J20542386+6017077, it has been confirmed spectroscopically to be a nova.

We have already created a sequence for it and you can plot charts using the name Nova Cep 2014 or TCP J20542386+6017077.

Happy hunting!

Mike Simonsen

N CEP 2014
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Hi Everyone,

As of about 9 hours ago N CEP 2014 was still right around discovery magnitude, my estimate being 11.68V at JD 726.998.

The new sequence stars that I looked at (115, 117, 120, 131, and 140) were VERY good ! A big thankyou to our chart/sequence maker(s).

good observing to all,




Nova Cep 2014 in Alert Notice 498
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Details regarding Nova Cep 2014 (TCP J20542386+6017077) are in AAVSO Alert Notice 498. I also recommend looking at the light curve (use the AAVSO light curve generator) of this nova to date - even at just 3 days old, it's interesting!

Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

nova Cep spectrum
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Robin Leadbeater
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A quick look with the spectrograph tonight at ~10A resolution shows a nice P Cygni H alpha line profile in a 10 min exposure


Spectrum 11.130 UT
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Christian Buil
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Robin, nearly at the same time from Castanet obs a
spectrum of TCP J20542386+6017077 posted at URL:
taken the Mar. 11.130 UT shows highly redened profile and strong P-Cyg
shifted toward blue by 610 km/s for Halpha and 585 km/s for O I 777.4 nm
(0.28 m telescope and Alpy600 spectrograph (10 A resolution at 6563 A from
Castanet-Tolosan observatory (France))


Christian Buil

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