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renewed campaign to find UXORs

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renewed campaign to find UXORs

I have decided that it might be a good idea to resuscitate the 'UXORs as algols' campaign. To that end I have a list of 102 possible targets, all within +/- 5° of the galactic equator. This is currently an access DB but I can easily produce a web-queryable PHP/SQL search list via the YSO website. Of course, if anyone wants the original DB it's no problem to attach it to an email, but I think it would be more useful to have it publicly accessible.

Any thoughts?

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UXOR campaign

A YSO website target search list will be very valuable. If it's not too much trouble please set up the target list on the YSO page. I'll be glad to contribute to these observations.


Dave (HDHA)

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UXOR Campaign

  Mike, are any of these stars in your list around 10 - 12 mag? I'm looking to get more involved with variables again and with YSO's in particular. But where I am, my telescope limit is about 14.0 at best and usually more like 13.0 - 13.5. I don't trust my estimates much below 12th mag.

  Thanks! Paul (ZPA)

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Yes Paul, they most certainly are. I have a couple of meetings this week and will then do the coding for the web page. In the meantime here's the current database in MS access format (by email). Just delete the stars that don't concern you! If you don't have access, I can export it as a text file.

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