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Science Olympiad-2015

Astronomy National 2015 Event

Astronomy 2015 Event
Astronomy 2015 Images
Astronomy 2015 Response Sheets
Astronomy 2015 Answer Key


Solar System 2015 National Event

Solar System 2015 Cover.pdf
Solar System 2015 Exam.pdf
Solar System 2015 Image Set 1.pdf
Solar System 2015 Image Set 2.pdf
Solar System 2015 Image Set 3.pdf
Solar System 2015 Image Set 4.pdf
Solar System 2015 Image Set 5.pdf
Solar System 2015 Image Set 6.pdf
Solar System 2015 Response Pages.pdf
Solar System 2015 Answer Key.pdf


Science Olympiad Astronomy & Solar System Webinars (Chandra X-Ray Center)

NOTE: Both the Astronomy and the Solar System webinars include two separate presentations. The list of movies in the left column is intended to present an overview of the content and resources for teams to prepare for competition. The list of movies in the right column is a guide for state directors and event supervisors and gives information about logistics for state directors to consider for room assignments, and resources and sample annotated tests to assist event supervisors in developing the event.

Astronomy and Solar System Webinar PPTs 2015

Astronomy 2015.pptx

Solar System 2015.pptx


Astronomy 2015 Sample Test

Astronomy 2015 Sample Test.pdf

Astronomy 2015 Sample Images.pdf

Astronomy 2015 Sample Answer Pages.pdf

Astronomy 2015 Sample Answer Key.pdf


Flash Card Set

Planetary Science 2015 Flash Card Set

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