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Transforms: Everything you need to transform your CCD observations

This page is under construction!

This page will be for the tools the AAVSO is developing and promulgating to help its members transform their observations, making them compatible and useful to the professional astronomy community.

These will include

- A tool to compute the transform coefficients for you platform.

        Details for this program can be viewed at:

- Tools for aggregating your observations, including timeseries.

       Here you will need either the Boxter program (for timeseries observations) or AAVSO Util (for non-timeseries observations). These programs can be downloaded together in the zipped file called "AAVSO Report Utilities" below. Both of these tools are for Windows users only.

- TA, the TransformApplier, that will take your coefficients and observations and output transformed data

       This is a Windows application. Its documentation is included in its help screen. You can get the latest version by going to:

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