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UZ Bootis is in outburst

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UZ Bootis is in outburst

Unless there's a bright minor planet very near its location (and I have not checked for that) it appears to me that UZ Bootis is in outburst as of 2013 July 26 02h UT at mag. 12.8 (visual)! I recorded a negative observation approximately 24 hours earlier (<13.2).

I hope someone can confirm this apparent outburst!

Carey (CCY)

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UZ Boo Outburst

I just imaged UZ Boo at 03:25 UT and it appears to be in outburst around mag 13 (position matches UZ coords and Minor Planet Checker says there is nothing in that field).

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Re: UZ Boo

Thank you Walter for posting this outburst notification to CVnet - and well done Carey!!

Gary  [PYG]

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DSLR images

I've also made at least ~12x30s images of the UZ Boo field last night. I'll process it soon and hopefully can confirm the outburts. (UZ Boo is arount the limit of the of the raw images made with 300mm /zoom/ telephoto lens.)


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UZ Boo was ~14.1TG at July

UZ Boo was ~14.1TG at July 25.86UT (Canon EOS1000D, 300mm /zoom/ telephoto lens, 12x30s stacked images, g channel). It seems UZ Boo was rising on Thursday night.

Clear skies,


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UZ Bootis is in outburst

Here is a graph of UZ Boo's BVI behavior last night:

James Foster - Los Angeles, CA

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