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Very Bright New CV discovered at mag 10.6

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Very Bright New CV discovered at mag 10.6

ATel 6233 reports the discovery of a very bright transcient by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN or"Assassin") 


RA (2000) 21:54:57.62 
Dec (2000) 26:41:16 
Mag 10.7

I obtained a spectrum on June 15.0 which confirms that the transcient is a dwarf nova in outburst

The spectrum shows a strong blue continuum, narrow component in  a broad absorption for H alpha, other Balmer
 lines in absorption, He II 4686 in emission

Line at 6929 is a cosme (not removed)


François Teyssier


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New Transient

  Interesting! Is this most likely a CV with a long span of time between outbursts? 

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Yes, it is most likely an UGWZ variable.

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Nice spectrum!

CRTS data shows possible minor outburst(s) in 2012.  Unfortunately, the data are sparse.

My photometry from last night had the object around 10.80V.

Stan Howerton

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Is a sequence being assembled for this nova?  If not, I will request one...

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Didn't see one here:

ed- There is a sequence, but not for a small FOV such as mine. I read poterrb's post as "is there a new sequence".

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Is there an AUID yet? 

I couldn't find anything in VSX under ASASN-14cl.

Phil Sullivan


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It was added today (June 16 at 18:38 UTC.

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possible variable near ASASSN-14cl

Prior to AAVSO creating a comparison star sequence, I had been using stars from the UCAC4 for comparison.  Ensemble was used.  One of the stars began showing deviation of over 0.2 magnitude relative to the other stars. 

This star is UCAC4 583-126503 at RA = 329.0053362, Dec = +26.4080956.  It has B = 10.635, V = 10.305, r = 10.303. 

A check of VSX was negative.  Checking the Catalina Surveys database has the nearest star as CSS_J215601.8+262433.  This star shows variation, but is saturated and the position is offset slightly. 

I have not taken enough images to use Period04 to see if there is a period.

Stan Howerton

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re: possible variable

Hi Stan,

The NSVS light curve suggest this might be probably an eclipsing variable:

Nice catch!


Sebastian Otero
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TYC 2211-2435-1 is now in VSX

Hi, Stan and Robert,

It turned out to be an Eccentric EA-type variable.
It is now in VSX:


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TYC 2211-2435-1 is now in VSX

Cool!  Very nice surprise.  Thank you Robert and Sebastian! 


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