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VPhot Upgrade

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VPhot Upgrade


Sorry for the short notice, but we're going to be upgrading VPhot today. Right now, in fact!

Geir & I have been working on a new computer to replace the old one in the cloud. The old computer instance didn't have enough space to begin to deal with the increased load that mySQL was putting on its C:\ drive, so it had to be replaced.  We're doing this now so that a new, more spacious computer, can be ready for the VPhot course next week.

What changes will the users have to deal with?  NONE! This is really just a space upgrade. Everything, including how you log in, will be the same.

However, if you have some difficulty getting into VPhot for the next hour or so (14.00UT, 12 March), now you know why.

Again, sorry for the short notice, folks. Its a bit weird working across time zones as I'm sure all of you know!
Doc Kinne

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VPhot Upgrade

Thanls Doc for keeping this valuable resource running!

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