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VSX J064448.1+210222 - another brick in the from K28

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Walt Cooney put AAVSONet scope K28 through a semi-tough test recently - collecting Sloan g' and r' data on a mag 15 variable that he discovered some years ago.

Go to and search on VSX J064448.1+210222 scroll down to Supporting Documents to see a phase plot.

Not too bad for an 11-inch SCT on a commercial fork.

More data on similar targets is being collected as I write this....

And another variable joins
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And another variable joins the K28 list of accomplishments.  VSX J131431.4+355333 was accepted to VSX a little while ago.   It's a 17th magnitude RRc in Canes Venatici.  K28 images produced some very nice g' and r' light curves.  The phase plot is in VSX under supporting documents.  Thanks Tom!

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