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VSX J205126.1+440523 (Alert Notice 425) Has faded from detection

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VSX J205126.1+440523 (Alert Notice 425) Has faded from detection

Alert 425 highlighted two YSO's - HBC 722 and VSX J205126.1+440523 discovered last year.  The two objects have produced very different light curves over the past 9 months.  HBC 722 has faded about 1 mag and been relatively constant over the past 5 months.  VSX J2051+44 (also known as V2492 Cyg) had rapid Imag variations between ~13.5 to 18.5.  But on June 9 it faded beyond magnitude 21 (using a Clear filter).  During it ~250 days of outburst the brightness appeared to exhibit an ~61 day period variance,  but this is not definite.  Dr. Aspin published a paper in the Astonomical Journal 141:196 (23pp), 2011 June titled "V2492 Cygni: The Early Evolution of the 2010 Outburst" which people may enjoy reading.  I'd encourage others to take occasional images to see if V2492 Cyg goes back into outburst.

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Wow - looks like some pretty amazing stuff is happening there.

Even if this is no longer visible in conventional amateur equipment, I would encourage even us visual observers to keep a constant watch for when (if!) it brightens again.

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