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The William Tyler Olcott Distinguished Service Award

The William Tyler Olcott Distinguished Service Award—Initiated in 2000, this award is presented to a member of the AAVSO organization for outstanding contributions in mentoring/promoting variable star astronomy.

13. 2016—Donn R. Starkey

“...for his for his enthusiastic commitment to educating and mentoring both the current and next generation of variable star observers, and assuring the future success of the AAVSO through his forward-thinking service on Council, lending his considerable business acumen to the Investment and Budget Committees, and serving as a tireless advocate for the observation of variable stars.”

12. 2015—Edward F. Guinan

“...for his promotion of variable star research and astronomy education globally; his tirelessly empowering generations of scientists of various backgrounds; his own ongoing cutting-edge variable star research, promoting the AAVSO; his dedicated student and peer mentoring; his demonstration of and advocacy for best practices; and his leadership and service within the AAVSO and the astronomy communities.”

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11. 2012—Timothy R. Crawford

“...for his many years of patiently mentoring observers, giving inspirational talks to astronomy clubs and societies, and his tireless creation of comparison star sequences for observers.”

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10. 2011—Brian A. Skiff

"...for his unwavering support of variable star astronomy and observing, in both the professional and non-professional realms, through his ambassadorial online presence as friend and mentor to those yearning to learn more about variable stars and astronomy in general, as well as his tenacious dedication to the betterment of astronomical data worldwide."

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9. 2009—Karen Meech

"... for her promotion of variable star observing through her distinguished work as astronomer and educator, her service to the AAVSO as Council member and colleague, and her being both friend and inspirational role model to teachers and students of astronomy."

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8. 2008—Vladimir Strelnitski

"... for his tireless promotion of astronomy to the public and his keen mentorship of future astronomers through the Maria Mitchell Observatory REU Program."

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7. 2007—John R. Percy

"...for his promotion of variable stars and astronomy education through his ongoing research, dedicated student and peer mentoring, consistent demonstration of and advocacy for best practices in teaching, leadership within the AAVSO and the astronomy and science education communities, and his commitment to public education."

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6. 2006—Mary Ann Kadooka

"... for her promotion of variable star astronomy through her tireless and inspirational work with educators and students as a leader, a mentor, and a friend to anyone wanting to learn astronomy."

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5. 2005—Janet A. Mattei
"...for her untiring promotion of variable star observing through her manifold activities as teacher, speaker, mentor, advocate, colleague, researcher, and administrator for over 30 years, and through her unfailing belief in the essential value of variable star observing and variable star observers."

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4. 2003—Edward A. Halbach

"...for his untiring promotion of variable star observing through his activities since 1933 as an observer, mentor of countless amateur astronomers and young people, leader of organizations, creator of innovative and efficient equipment and procedures, and through his generous willingness to help those who share his astronomical interests."

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3. 2002—Dorrit Hoffleit

"... for her legacy to variable star astronomy through her research, publications, student mentoring, support, and popularization for over 70 years, and for her being such an especially faithful, devoted, and supportive member and friend of the AAVSO since 1930."

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2. 2001—Leif J. Robinson

"...for his untiring promotion of variable star astronomy in the pages of Sky & Telescope magazine during his many years as Editor and Editor-in-Chief, and for his enthusiastic fostering of the Amateur-Professional Partnership."

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1. 2000—David H. Levy

"... for his promotion of variable star astronomy through his many writings and public lectures that both educate and inspire those who love the starry sky."

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