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Special Notice #398: Bright Transient in Sgr (PNV J18142514-2554343) [V5667 Sgr]

February 13, 20115:  Patrick Schmeer (SPK, Bischmisheim, Germany) reports the announcement on the CBAT Transient Object Confirmation Page (TOCP) of the discovery of a bright transient in Sgr [V5667 Sgr] on 2015 February 12.852 at an unfiltered magnitude of 10.9 by K. Nishiyama, using a 105-mm f/4 camera lens with an SBIG STL6303E CCD camera.  Nishiyama notes nothing is present on a previous image from 2015 February 02.887.  The transient has been independently confirmed with two pre-discovery images: by H. Nishimura (Shizuoka-ken, Japan) at magnitude 11.2 on 2015 February 12.840, and by T. Kojima (Gunma-ken, Japan) at magnitude 10.5 on 2015 February 11.841.

The object was designated PNV J18142514-2554343 on the TOCP website.  More information about the discovery and prediscovery images may be found at the following URL:

Photometry and spectroscopy are all strongly encouraged.  Spectroscopy is needed urgently to determine whether the object is a nova or some other type of transient.  A sequence is currently in preparation.  Observers should note that the field is extremely crowded.

The J2000 coordinates for this transient are as follows:

RA: 18 14 25.24 , Dec: -25 54 32.6

Please promptly report all observations to the AAVSO International Database using the name PNV J18142514-2554343.

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.



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