Dr. Brian Kloppenborg

Smiling man in a baseball hat and t-shirt on a path in the grass with woods in the background

Dr. Brian Kloppenborg (Ph.D. Physics - Astrophysics Specialization) is an astrophysicist and entrepreneur. He earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Denver, and a B.A. in Physics from Hastings College. Prior to joining the AAVSO, Brian worked as a Research Scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute, where he served as a subject matter expert, lead engineer, product owner, and project director on a variety of government programs. He also ran a small business that provided data science, machine learning, and GPU accelerated computing services. Brian's research interests include photometry, spectroscopy, astrometry, and long-baseline optical interferometry of eclipsing binaries, novae, and young stellar objects. His work is published in Nature, ApJ, JAAVSO, and similar scholarly journals.

He became AAVSO Executive Director on September 16, 2022.