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Charts and Sequences Update

The charts and sequences team has been busy updating old and creating
new sequences for AAVSO variable star charts.

Tom Bretl and Tim Crawford in particular have been very ambitious, and
I would like to extend my own personal "thank you for a job well
done". They have devoted literally hundreds of hours of work to this
effort in the last couple years, resulting in almost 600 chart

Many of the recent changes were possible because we now have reliable
photometry from APASS, so our Director, Arne Henden and Tom Smith
deserve some applause as well.

The latest batch of improvements is:

RT      Aql     revised sequence
RW      Aqr     minor revision
W       Aqr     minor revision
S       Boo     revised sequence
CD      Cam     new sequence
RS      Cam     new sequence
V       Cam     minor revision
FQ/FR   Cas     new sequences
V393    Cas     new sequence
AR      Cep     new sequence
RT      CMa     new sequence
SX      CMa     new sequence
TU      CMa     new sequence
R       CMi     revised sequence
U       CMi     revised sequence
XZ      CMi     new sequence
R       Com     minor update
BG      Cyg     revised sequence
CU      Cyg     revised sequence
R       Cyg     revised sequence
TU      Cyg     extensively revised sequence
V       Cyg     revised sequence
V1006   Cyg     new sequence
V1515   Cyg     revised sequence
Z       Cyg     major revision
AH      Dra     revised sequence
RS      Dra     revised sequence
SY      Dra     new sequence
Y       Dra     revised sequence
TZ      Eri     added to sequence
RX      Her     new sequence
U       Lac     revised sequence
UU      Leo     new sequence
UV      Leo     new sequence
BS      Lyr     new sequence
SS      Lyr     revised sequence
BB      Mon     new sequence
BO      Mon     added & revised seq
FT      Ori     new sequence
UZ      Pup     new sequence
R       Sge     revised sequence
RR      Tau     revised sequence
VX      UMa     revised sequence
R       UMi     revised sequence

If you observe any of these stars you should update your charts ASAP.

For a complete listing of updates see:

Mike Simonsen
Vice President
American Association of Variable Star Observers

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484