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JAAVSO v19n2

Volume 19 Number 2 1990
111 Coordinated Observations for the EUVE All-Sky Survey

K. Mukai, J. V. Vallerga, R. F. Malina, S. Bowyer



115 Multi-site Photoelectric Observations of Variable Stars and Searching for Cluster Flare Stars
Arthur A. Page
  abstract pdf  
118 The British Astronomical Association Variable Star Section
Storm Dunlop
  abstract pdf  
120 Variable Star Observing in Belgium
Ludwig Cluyse
  abstract pdf  
122 Introducing the French Association of Variable Star Observers
Read by J. Gunther for E. Schweitzer, President
  abstract pdf  
123 Work of the Variable Star Section, Netherlands Association for Astronomy and Meteorology
H. Feijth
  abstract pdf  
125 The Groupe EuropEen d'Observations Stellaires
Michel Dumont
  abstract pdf  
126 Results of GEOS Observing Programs
Roland Boninsegna
  abstract pdf  
133 New Observing Programs in Spain
Jose Ripero
  abstract pdf  
135 The BAV Database of Cataclysmic and Eruptive Variables
Stefan Korth
  abstract pdf  
139 Selecting Program Stars for BAV Observers
Wolfgang Quester
  abstract pdf  
141 The Variable Star Association (Arbeitskreis Ver0/00nderliche - AKV) in the German Democratic Republic
Deitmar Bohme
  abstract pdf  
143 Variable Star Astronomy in Hungary
Attila Mizser
  abstract pdf  
147 Amateur Variable Star Observing in Czechoslovakia
Jindrich Silhan
  abstract pdf  
149 Variable Star Observing in Finland
Aarre Kellomaki
  abstract pdf  
151 Amateur Astronomy in Lithuania
Aru Kucinskas
  abstract pdf  
153 Variable Star Observing in South Africa
Danie Overbeek
  abstract pdf  
154 The South African Astronomical Observatory
David Kilkenny
  abstract pdf  
156 The Work of the Variable Star Section, Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand
Frank M. Bateson
  abstract pdf  
158 Amateur Variable Star Observing in Japan
Sei-ichi Sakuma
  abstract pdf  
161 New York - City of Stars
John Pazmino
  abstract pdf  
165 Minutes of the AAVSO Council and Annual Membership Meetings held November 10, 1990
Clinton B. Ford
  abstract pdf  
168 Annual Report of the Director for the Fiscal Year 1989 - 1990
Janet A. Mattei
  abstract pdf  
190 Committee Reports
Classical Cepheid, Thomas A. Cragg, New Chart, Clinton B. Ford, Eclipsing Binary, Marvin E. Baldwin, Nova Search, Rev. Kenneth C. Beckmann, Photoelectric Photometry, Howard J. Landis, RR Lyrae, Marvin E. Baldwin, Solar Division, Peter O. Taylor, Supernova Search, Rev. Robert O. Evans, Telescope, Charles E. Scovil, Journal of the AAVSO, Charles A. Whitney
  abstract pdf  
198 Treasurer's Report: October 1, 1989 - September 30, 1990
Theodore H. N. Wales
  abstract pdf  
200 Index to Volume 19
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