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JAAVSO v31n1





Volume 31 Number 1 2002
1 Editorial Statement
Charles A. Whitney, Editor
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2 Period Evolution in Mira Variables
Albert A. Zijlstra, Timothy R. Bedding
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11 JHK Standards for Small Telescopes
Arne A. Henden
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21 Period Changes in the Mira Variable TY Cassiopeiae
Martha L. Hazen, Janet A. Mattei
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24 Latest Surprises from Mira the Wonderful
Margarita Karovska, Massimo Marengo, Brian Wood
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27 The Deep Impact Mission and the AAVSO
Karen J. Meech
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34 Quantification of Distant Luminous Objects
Mario E. Motta
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39 TOPS Telescope Projects on Variable Stars and Other Objects
Mary Ann Kadooka, Karen J. Meech, James Bedient
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48 A History of the Zurich and American Relative Sunspot Number Indices
Casper H. Hossfield
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54 Signs of h Carinae Outburst in Artifacts of Ancient Bolivia
Sallie Teames
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63 Japan�s First Variable Star Observer, Dr. Naozo Ichinohe
Seiichi Sakuma
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65 Michiel Daniel Overbeek, 1920�2001
Janet A. Mattei, Brian Fraser
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69 Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 91st Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, Held in Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii, June 30�July 6, 2002
Various Authors
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73 Minutes of the 91st Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, Held June 30�July 6, 2002, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii
Martha L. Hazen
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79 Committee Reports
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86 Treasurer�s Report
October 1, 2001�March 31, 2002

Louis Cohen,
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AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484