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The AAVSO International High Energy Network


High Energy Network Observing Section 

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The AAVSO International High Energy Network is dedicated to the optical monitoring of high energy astrophysical phenomena in the universe. It is an expansion of the AAVSO International Gamma-Ray Burst Network which had great success in discovering and observing the optical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Observers around the world are able to respond in seconds or minutes to burst alerts sent by satellite, and are able to catch these rapidly evolving phenomena as quickly (if not more so) than professional observatories.  The AAVSO still distributes GCN Notices and GCN Circulars, but the work of the High Energy Network is largely done informally as opportunities for new observations and targets arise.  Several observers continue to pursue gamma ray bursts, and AAVSO staff collaborate with them to publish their results and pursue follow-up observations. 

Today, AAVSO observers pursuing high energy sources go beyond gamma-ray burst follow-ups to include observations of other astrophysical sources bright in gamma- and X-rays. These include Blazars and other Active Galactic Nuclei, and Galactic gamma-ray sources like flare stars and X-ray binaries. The AAVSO International High Energy Network is a truly international endeavor, with observers from around the world actively conducting GRB follow-ups and participating in HEN campaigns.  We invite researchers into high-energy phenomena to collaborate with AAVSO observers via Observing Campaigns on their sources of interest.

The AAVSO International High Energy Network activities are currently funded via the AAVSO Endowment Fund. We are grateful for past support by the Curry Foundation, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA Center for Space Science, Sonoma State University, and the many observers and AAVSO members world-wide who have contributed their time and observations.

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The AAVSO and its members would like to thank the following people for their support and expertise: Scott Barthelmy, Charles Curry of The Curry Foundation, Jerry Fishman, Peter Garnavich, Arne Henden, Steve Howell, Kevin Hurley, Chryssa Kouveliotou, George Ricker, and Gordon Spear.

Additionally, the follow institutions have given support to the High Energy Network: Curry Foundation, NASA Office of Space Science, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and Sonoma State University.

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