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Join An Observing Section


Looking to join an observing section? You can do so by subscribing to its forum.

Just follow these simple Steps:

  1. Go to your My Profile Page


  2.  Once there click the subscriptions tab


  3. Finally under the subscription tab click categories.


Here you will find all of the forums. Then all you have to do is check the box for the appropriate forum.  Most of the time this is self-explanatory, but a full list is given below

Observing Section Forum
Bright Star Monitor AAVSOnet
Cataclysmic Variables Cataclysmic Variables (CVs)
Eclipsing Binaries Eclipsing Binaries (EBs)
Exoplanets Exoplanets
High Energy Network High Energy Network (HEN)
Instrumentation and Equipment Instrumentation and Equipment
Long Period Variables Long Period Variables (LPV)
Short Period Pulsating Variables Short Period Pulsators (SPP)
Solar Solar Observing and SID Monitoring
Spectroscopy Spectroscopy
Young Stellar Objects Young Stellar Objects (YSO)


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