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The Journal of the AAVSO (JAAVSO)
The main variable star research publication of the AAVSO.



The Bulletin
Predicted Dates of Maxima and Minima of Long Period Variables
Fundamental tool in planning your observing schedule each month. It contains predicted dates of maxima and minima in a schematic representaion.

Manual for Visual Observing of Variable Stars
The essential comprehensive guide to making variable star observations and reporting them to the AAVSO, with many translated versions available.

JD Calendar
JD dates are explained and pdf calendars are available. Also convert from UT to JD and JD to UT.


AAVSO Communications
The purpose of this monthly email is to highlight new initiatives and ongoing projects in a concise way which we hope you will find informative. Sometimes there is just so much going on that it is hard to keep track of it all. We hope that AAVSO Communications will make it easier for you to see what is happening and follow the links to read more about what intrests you.

AAVSO Newsletter
The AAVSO Newsletter is a periodic, general forum that supports our various observing programs with lists of new targets, observing programming ideas, and general information that spans a wide area of interest. Guest writers contribute pieces that can range from current events to book reviews.

AAVSO Annual Report

Directors' Reports


Solar Bulletin
Includes SID reports, sunspot reports, images, announcements, and more.

PEP Newsletter
Now part of the AAVSO Newsletter

Eyepiece Views
Now part of the AAVSO Newsletter

CCD Views
Now part of the AAVSO Newsletter

RR Lyrae Ephemerides

Eclipsing Binary Ephemerides


AAVSO Variable Star Bookstore
Selected books on variable stars, observing variable stars, stellar evolution and much more. Links to purchase them directly from amazon dot com benefits the AAVSO

AAVSO In Print
Linked list of papers published using AAVSO data

Variable star posters and talks by AAVSO staff


Observation Notification
MyNewsFlash: Customizable observation reports
Alert Notice: Notice of stellar activity/discovery or request for observations in support of an observing campaign
AAVSO Circulars: Weekly summaries of observations received for select variable classes

Forums: General, Help, Software, Campaigns, Photometry, and much more!
Chat Room
Discussion Groups: SID and Solar/Archives of inactive discussion groups


Advancing Variable Star Astronomy: The Centennial History of the AAVSO (hardcover available from Cambridge University Press)

Advancing Variable Star Astronomy: The Centennial History of the AAVSO (kindle e-book from

Dorrit Hoffleit's Autobiography, "Misfortunes as Blessings in Disguise"

75th Anniversary Edition of the JAAVSO

Dorrit Hoffleit's essays, "Maria Mitchell's Famous Students" and "Comets Over Nantucket"

Women in the History of Variable Star Astronomy

The Education of Women Astronomers Before 1960

The Story of the AAVSO and AAVSO Observers and Observations 1911-1993

Some Stars, Some Music: The Memoirs of Clinton B. Ford

Variable Comments

AAVSO Abstracts


Monographs - Long term light curves of individual stars

Observed Minima Timings of Eclipsing Binaries

Observed Maxima Timings of RR Lyrae Stars

AAVSO Special Notice

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