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MyNewsFlash is a system that sends you the most recent AAVSO variable star observations on whatever star(s) you choose, at whatever magnitude cutoff you choose, delivered in a format of your choice, at a frequency that you choose yourself. This is a VERY customizable service that enables you to monitor the stars that interest you... on your own terms.

Please fill out the form below to create a customized report (you may create more than one). If you would like to receive the default report, which is a good starting point, just fill in your email address and hit submit.

Here is a sample MyNewsFlash report in HTML, and here is one in ASCII.

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You can sign up for individual stars and/or groups of stars.

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When you click Submit you agree to our terms and conditions concerning use of data. In general, don't publish or distribute this data to others without prior approval.

You may create as many profiles as you wish.

You may edit or delete any MyNewsFlash profile that you created here by logging into Blue&Gold and following the links there.

Additionally, you may wish to subscribe to our Alert Notice and Special Notice. These are email alerts sent out by AAVSO staff when circumstances warrant.

If you have any questions, please contact aavso@aavso.org.