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Getting Started with Data Analysis

One of the things that makes AAVSO citizen science projects unique is that the data analysis stage is also open to anyone. AAVSO members and observers aren't asked to simply to collect data for scientists to analyse, but they can do some analysis themselves. This includes steps such as identifying a project/problem/goal, collecting data, performing quality control procedures on it, analysing it and communicating results to others.

The main links in the Analyze Data sections are:

  • 5-Star Analysis Tutorial: An introduction to basic ways of data processing and inspection aimed at the novice level.
  • Time Series Tutorial: A tutorial about time series analysis techniques aimed at the advanced level.
  • VPHOT: An online photometry tool
  • VStar: A free, java-based variable star data analysis tool
  • Variable Star Astronomy: Chapters 5 and 6 of this free PDF curriculum help describe some of the basics of variable star data analysis.
  • The AAVSO has held two workshops about authoring scientific publications. Below are links to the workshops that include PDFs, Power Point files and movies for most presentations at the workshops.
  • : The Journal of the AAVSO is the primary publication mechanism for sharing new results with the professional and amateur community.

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