¿Why VPHOT does not make report files with ".txt" extension anymore?

Madrid Astronomical Association M1 (Spain) (AAM)
Sat, 07/23/2011 - 09:47

From yesterday, AAVSO reports made by VPHOT does not contain ".txt" extension. These unknown files are not recognized by WebObs unless the ".txt " is added by myself. In each session I generate tens of report files, and adding extension to each of them is ver time consuming.

Would it be possible to make that VPHOT would create files with ".txt" again?




Norwegian Astronomical Society, Variable Star Section (NAS)
Why VPHOT does not make report files with ".txt" extension

I have recently changed the file name format to AAVSOReport_Objectname_Filter_Observationdate. It turns out Firefox truncates the name if it contains spaces, which is often the case for object names. I have now fixed this by replacing spaces with "-".

BTW, note that you can report many observations in one file (not time series, but single observations). To to that do your analysis as usual and click 'Keep this' on the report page when you are done with the image. Repeat this for each image you analyse. Then go to the Analysis Log page, select all analysis and click 'Create AAVSO report'.