Donate to the AAVSO








The following is a list of the AAVSO funds you can contribute to. If you do not wish to specify how you would like your donation to be used, AAVSO will use it however it is determined to have the greatest impact.

General Funds

Annual Campaign
If you wish to donate to one of the Annual Campaign causes, this is the place. It supports essential day-to-day functions of the organization as well as new programs and initiatives.

General Fund
This important fund provides support for all of AAVSO's day-to-day operational needs.

Specialized Funds

These are funds whose use is restricted to the designated purpose.

Director's Discretionary Fund
Contributions to this fund can be used at the director's discretion to benefit AAVSO. 

AAVSOnet Fund 
This fund pays for refurbishment and maintenance of the telescopes, cameras, mounts, computers, software, and hardware required to operate AAVSO’s robotic telescope network. 

Janet A. Mattei Research Fellowship Fund
This fund enables a visiting scientist, postdoctoral researcher, or student to perform research at AAVSO Headquarters with the goal of disseminating the results throughout the astronomical community. 

Margaret Mayall Assistantship Fund
This fund finances a research assistant(s) to work on variable star-related projects and research at AAVSO headquarters, while also learning about AAVSO and variable stars in general. (Only the accumulated interest, and not the principal, may be used.)