AAVSO Board Officers and Members



Richard Berry

Astronomy M.Sc.

1st Vice President

Sarah Austrin-Willis

International Relations &
International Economics, MA; MBA

2nd Vice President

Dr. Dennis Conti

Computer Science Ph.D.

Past President

David Cowall

B.Sc., M.D.


Dr. Kristine Larsen

Astronomy Ph.D.


Robert Stephens

Certified Public Accountant

Executive Director

Dr. Brian Kloppenborg

Physics Ph.D -
Astrophysics Specialization


Class of 2024

Dr. Eric Hintz

1st term

Dr. Thomas Maccarone

Astronomy Ph.D.
1st term

Diogo Teixeira

1st term

Class of 2025

Peter Bealo

1st term

Pat Boyce

Industrial Administration M.S.
1st term

Dr. Arne Henden

Astronomy Ph.D.
1st term

Class of 2026

Walt Cooney

Chemical Engineering M.S.
1st term

Dr. Matt Craig

Ph.D., MA, BA
1st term

Mark Munkascy

Physics BS
1st term

AAVSO Bylaws

Please click here to view the AAVSO Bylaws.

Board Governance

Board Committees

Executive Committee: Acts as a sounding board for the ED and steering committee for the full Board; Ensures confidential handling of personnel matters; Handles emergency items between board meetings; ED Performance Plan development and assessment; Develop and document organization governance plan; Maintain and update Board “Policy and Procedures Manual”.

Finance Committee: Develop annual budget with ED for Board approval; Oversee budget and all AAVSO finances; Assess and present organization financial status information to Board and members.

Investment Committee: Oversee the management of the AAVSO endowment and Recommend AAVSO’s endowment investment manager.

Fundraising Committee: Assist in the development of specific initiatives.

Nominating Committee – this is a Bylaw defined committee composed of non-Board members who identify and recommend AAVSO members to run for election to the Board.  The committee is appointed by the Board President.

Operating Committees

Marketing Committee: Develop the marketing plan and marketing material for AAVSO.  Determine what works.  As appropriate, bring in consultants to perform specific work (e.g., writers, media consultants etc). Coordinate and actively work with the fundraising committee and the Diversity committees as appropriate.

Observing Section Leadership Team:  Members are section leaders and AAVSO staff. Observing section leaders meet monthly with staff to share ideas and experiences and to create a consistent way to communicate with section members through our section’s activities.

Previous AAVSO Board Members, Officers, and Section Leaders

Please click here for historical information on past AAVSO Officers, Council Members, Committee Chairs, and Section Leaders.