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Why observe variable stars, and AAVSO's purpose


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Donate: please support the AAVSO's work of "enabling anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy"



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AAVSO: Where you can make a real contribution to astronomy

Become a volunteer citizen scientist with AAVSO!

       AAVSO creates education so that anyone can become a citizen astronomer who makes a valuable contribution to science. You can choose to collect or analyze data in a number of different ways.

      Interactive education with experts and AAVSO observers:

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Programs and events: Current and upcoming educational programs and events of varying levels and subjects. Includes introductory material, observing techniques, and  astronomy research.

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       Observing SectionsAAVSO volunteer-headed sub-communities of individuals involved with particular types of observing and data collecting. 




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AAVSO Forum: online discussion board for AAVSO observers to help each other out. Create a free AAVSO web account to participate!

      Independent learning:

      On the AAVSO website:

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Tutorials: for those with no experience with variable stars and very little astronomical experience. They walk you through the basics of variable star science and provide challenges to apply the concepts.

Data Mining Projects with VSX: all you need is your computer, an internet connection, and patience. These projects focus on unveiling unknown properties of suspected variable stars.


      Program recordings on YouTube:

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How-to sessions, webinars with guest astronomers, and data-mining and spectroscopy workshops 





Text reads: YOU can be a part of this. If you can do this (image of woman holding binoculars to her eyes and man at telescope) then you can do this (image of light curve)

Why observe variable stars (and yes, you can do it too!) AAVSO board member Bill Stein and the Astronomical League presents why variable star observing is such an important facet of astronomy. Stein also touches base on how observing with the AAVSO communicates important data to professional astronomers. Starting at 22:29 in the video, 

Stein shows where on the AAVSO website you can find more tools to start observing with the AAVSO so you can make your real contribution to astronomy!