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Ageing Star Blows Off Smoky Bubble


Astronomers have used ALMA to capture a strikingly beautiful view of a delicate bubble of expelled material around the exotic red star U Antliae. These observations will help astronomers to better understand how stars evolve during the later stages of their life-cycles.

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V745 Sco: Two stars, three dimensions, and oodles of energy

A nova discovery by one of our visual observers, Rod Stubbings, led to follow-up observations and a 3-D simulation that explains the explosion mechanism...

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Shocking discovery explains powerful novae

Explaining shocks in novae: As the explosion begins, it ejects a cooler, slower wave of gaseous material, relatively speaking. Behind it, though, is a hot, fast wave speeding right behind it. The collision of the two ejections produces a shockwave, which results in a spectacular explosion of heat and light. “The bigger the shock, the brighter the nova,” Chomiuk said. “We believe it’s the speed of the second wave that influences the explosion.”

Scientists Recover Nova First Spotted 600 Years Ago by Korean Astrologers

Using archival data, scientists recovered a nova first discovered by Korean Astrologers in March 11, 1437.

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Variability discovered in the the Seven Sisters

Detailed studies of the seven brightest stars in the Pleiades cluster with the Kepler satellite, have uncovered unknown variability modes in the “Seven Sisters”.

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