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R CRB   Jun 26.0701   7.2Vis.   

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Stellar News Feed

A Very Rare Discovery: Failed Star Orbits a Dead Star Every 71 Minutes

Synergy between the rejuvenated Kepler space telescope (K2) and ground-based facilities reveal the properties of a rare cataclysmic variable: a brown dwarf orbiting a white dwarf every 71 minutes.

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Chandra reveals a ring around R Aquarii’s equator: evidence of the 1073 nova eruption?

R Aquarii (R Aqr) is a binary star system consisting of a white dwarf with a Mira star companion. Over 17 years of x-ray monitoring with the Chandra x-ray telescope have revealed new information on the system,  including a ring of material around its equator - a likely leftover from the 1073 nova eruption.  

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How do stars fall in a black hole? Is it a bang, a crash or a fizzle?

Researchers discuss observational results assessing what happens to a star trapped by a supermassive black hole, and the role of an “event horizon”.

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Massive Dying Star Goes Out With a Whimper Instead of a Bang

Now you see it, now you don’t: recording the death or a massive star (and the birth of a black hole), without a supernova explosion!

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Small telescopes discovered styrofoam-density exoplanet orbiting a bright star

A team from the KELT collaboration have discovered an exoplanet that is highly inflated, so that while it's only a fifth as massive as Jupiter, it is nearly 40 percent larger, making it about as dense as Styrofoam. The planet is orbiting the V = 8 Subgiant HD 93396 in the southern hemisphere.

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