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"Educational impact of student-led observatory automation"

Authors: Mara DeRung, Tanner Weyer, Emily Watson, Dr. Matthew Craig

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"Using Variable Star Research to Enhance Scientific Literacy in High School Students"

Author: Ian Doktor


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"Motivation, public health improvement, develop friendly relations among nations, and promotion of science through teaching astronomy and variable star observation by AAVSO and volunteers"

Author: Mehdi Esmaili


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"Demonstrating Real-time Photometry"

Author: Gary Hawkins

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"A Comparison of the HADS(B) Variables VZ Cnc and VY Equ"

Author: Dr. Matthias Kolb

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“'Doing my best to watch phenomenal stars': Variable Star Astronomy in Thomas Hardy’s Two on a Tower (1882)"

Author: Dr. Kristine Larsen

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"Strengthening Planetary Defense Algorithm: Detecting Unknown Asteroids using Open Data, Math, and Python"

Author: Aruthi Nath

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"Semi-Regular Yellow (SRd) Variables: New Results"

Authors: Dr. John Percy and Yijie Wang

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"Variable stars discovered by the Czech Astronomical Expedition 2013-2022"

Authors: Marco Souza de Joode and Tomáš Rektořík

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