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1929+14 KX Aql in Outburst

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1929+14 KX Aql in Outburst

Not seeing anything posted so far on CVnet's "Activity at a Glance" listing of the latest DN outbursts I would call attention to the current activity of 1929+14 KX Aql. This dwarf nova, situated a few degrees west of Altair, is of fairly long period in the separation of its outbursts and observer coverage of its activity is usually rather sparse.

Currently KX Aql is still in the brightening phase of an outburst. On Aug 22.9UT Jeremy Shears detected the star at magnitude 16.0C, while Gary Poyner reported 15.7 visually a few hours later. Last evening, on Aug 24.06 , I saw it at magnitude 14.1 visually, undoubtedly still rising.  Maxima of this star can be as bright as the mid 12's.

My location is expected to be clouded out for at least the next few days barring me from further observation. The moon will be adding its interference in coming days as well. Therefore, I would like to urge at least several observers with larger visual instruments, plus those whose instruments have CCD equipment, to put this dwarf nova on their nightly observing schedule for at least the next week or two so as to provide good documentation of this outburst, caught so early in its brightening phase.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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KX Aql

I got it at 13.608 V and 12.965 I at approx 20120825 2:00 UT so, yes, it is still increasing.

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KX Aql outburst

My Recurrent Objects Programme files show four outbursts detected since 2007, when KX Aql was added to the programme.  These occured on May 26 2007, Mar 09 2010, Oct 27 2011 and the current outburst.  The earliest confirmed outbursts I have on file occured in November 1980 (unknown observer) and December 1994 (Iida & Takahashi et al, vsnet alert messages).  The 1980 outburst reached mag. 11.5 and was very probably an unconfirmed superoutburst.  An unconfirmed (and unlikely) outburst was reported in July 2006.

There have been a couple of other historical outbursts detected from Moscow & Simeiz plates too (1958 & 1962, Garbusov).  Hoffleit in HB 887, 1932 also reports two outburst dates in 1927 & 1930.

The 2010 outburst proved to be significant as the UGSU classification - for so long suspected -was confirmed when Pavel Dubovsky reported small amplitude superhumps (0.1 mag) on March 10.

I would agree with John (above) that this system deserves special attention at this time, particulary from CCD observers who might undertake TS to attempt to a: determine whether this is indeed a superoutburst, and b: to refine the 2010 data if possible.  Although we have a few outburst detections under our belt, we don't really know a great deal about KX Aql.

Gary (PYG)

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