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Dating Mining Workshop


Virtual 2020 AAVSO

Data Mining Workshop


When: November 1, 2020

The focus of this workshop (run by Colin Littlefield) will be using TESS to refine the classifications of short-period variables in VSX (with a heavy emphasis on eclipsing binaries, Delta Scutis, RR Lyrae stars, and other similar star types). By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned: 

     o about the TESS mission, the light curves that it acquires, and how TESS advances the study of
        variable stars,
o how to search for and retrieve TESS observations using lightkurve,
o how to analyze these light curves in VStar, and
o how to interpret the results, with an eye towards refining VSX entries for understudied variable

**There are pre-requisites for this workshop. Please note them below before registering.**

    Workshop Pre-requisites 

                    o   install the Anaconda distribution of Python,
                    o   install lightkurve, and
                    o   download VStar and add the Lightkurve plugin.

     Session 1: 15:00–17:00 UT 
    Will discuss TESS and how to extract light curves from its data archives. We will cover:

    • the TESS spacecraft, its mission and science impact, and how its observations can be used to study variable stars
    • how to determine whether TESS has observed, or will observe, a particular object of interest
    • how to use free and open-source Python software known as Lightkurve to download a TESS dataset and to interactively extract a light curve from it
    • Q & A

     Session 2: 18:00–20:00 UT 
    Focuses on usinging TESS data to refine periods and classifications of VSX variable stars. It will cover:

    • a practical, non-technical introduction to power spectral analysis
    • how to measure the period(s) in a TESS light curve using the AAVSO's VStar software
    • variable star classifications with TESS
    • how to recognize and address common systematics in TESS data
    • Q & A

    Please stay tuned for registration details!

    AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484