Superstar Astronomers: a 2022 AAVSO webinar series

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To show our appreciation of AAVSO members, our 2022 webinar series, Superstar Astronomers, is a
members-only benefit! See the schedule of incredible guest astronomers below!


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October 15

Guest astronomer: Dr. Alex Filippenko

Discussion: "A New Surprise in the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe"












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September 24

Guest astronomer: Mike Grudić

Discussion: How to Make Stars on Computers







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August 27

Guest astronomer: Dr. Jessie Christiansen

Discussion: "The Era of Exoplanets: Towards an Exoplanets Demographics Ladder"





July 23

Guest astronomer: Dr. Michelle Thaller

Discussion: "The Most Extreme Variable Stars (and Webb Update)"





June 25

Guest astronomer: Dr. Krzysztof Stanek

Discussion: "All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae: Big Science with Small Telescopes"




May 28

Guest astronomer: Dr. Adam Riess

Discussion: "Surprises from the Expansion of the Universe"





April 23

Guest astronomer: Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Discussion: "The discovery of pulsars–a graduate student’s tale"





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March 26

Guest astronomer: Dr. Emily Levesque

Discussion: "The Last Stargazers"


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February 26

Guest astronomer: Dr. Margarita Karovska

Discussion: "Variable Stars and Interacting Binary Systems in High Definition"


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January 22

Guest astronomer: Dr. Jill Tarter

Discussion: "Star Tickling and the AAVSO"






















Please note: no webinars November 26 or December 24 due to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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