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50 forgotten Miras

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50 forgotten Miras

The variable section of the Swedish Amateur Astronomers Association, SAAF/V, have adopted 50 forgotten Miras. One team member, Hans Bengtsson, have put together a list of 50 relatively bright but sparsely observed Miras that our members since February have observed. The goal is to see what these neglected stars is doing now, construct updated period elements, establish light curve shapes, max/min magnitudes etc.

The observations is done visually and photometrically with own equipment or by robotic telescopes. So far have about 600 observations been made and several maxima and minima have been recorded.

A project page (in swedish) with all the stars and current light curves can be found at The light curves is clickable to see the details about the observations.

Thomas Karlsson

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1000 observations reached.

We have now passed 1000 observations in our program of 50 forgotten Mira stars and fine light curvs begin to show ( Of the 50 stars 47 have been observed so far.

In this project we have had great support from the AAVSO sequence team. I think none of the stars had sequences before we started,

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks to your V S section for 'finding' these mira's and the work you've done to bring them to our attention.

I've added four to my programme.

V462 CYG, AN Dra, VW HER and IU PEG.

Clear skies!

Doug Barrett. (BPO)

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