The American Association of Variable Star Observers Selected to Participate in Harvard Business School Association of Boston’s Community Action Partners Program


       The American Association of Variable Star Observers


             AAVSO staff with CAP volunteers during
                    the first brainstorming session 

Boston, MA (Nov. 6, 2019)—We are pleased to announce that the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) has been selected from a competitive pool of 35 applicants to receive a pro bono consulting engagement by Harvard Business School Association of Boston’s Community Action Partners (CAP). CAP is a volunteer organization of Harvard Business School and Kennedy School alumni helping Boston-area nonprofits apply management skills to their business challenges. Each year CAP volunteers provide an estimated 8,000 hours of consulting, equivalent to approximately $2.0 million in pro bono services to worthy nonprofits. These volunteers offer a powerful blend of business expertise and passion for making a difference in the community. CAP projects result in incredible impact for nonprofit clients and are a uniquely rewarding                                                                                             volunteer experience for alumni.

“We are thrilled to be selected by CAP, as we are working towards defining the future of our 100-year old association,” says Dr. Stella Kafka, the AAVSO’s Executive Director and CEO. “We welcome the perspective of our new partners and are looking forward to brainstorming and learning from their experience as we determine a sustainable future, while better serving our community.”

 “We are very pleased to work with the AAVSO this year,” states CAP Executive Director Kathy Le. “The AAVSO is doing critical work for the greater Boston community. The nature of their business challenge, mission, and social impact make them a very attractive partner for our alumni volunteer teams.”


About the AAVSO

The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) is an international scientific and educational nonprofit organization of amateur and professional astronomers who are interested in stars that change in brightness—variable stars. Its mission is to enable anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy. For more information, visit


About Community Action Partners

A program of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston, Community Action Partners (CAP) marshals more than 140 alumni volunteers to serve nonprofits by providing pro bono consulting each year. CAP programs include CAP Consulting (6–8 month engagements) and CAP Brainstorms (single 3-hour sessions). CAP offers volunteer consulting assistance in such areas as: strategic and business planning, marketing strategy, financial planning and analysis, board development and governance, and organizational development.