A few weeks ago, we launched the updated version of CHET, our Chart Error Reporting tool. CHET is a simple web application that allows you to submit a report when you find an error in one of our charts. CHET makes it easy for our chart team to keep track of what errors have been reported and whether they've been fixed. It also makes it easy for you to see what the chart team is up to—by searching the CHET database, you can see what errors have been fixed and which ones the chart team is working on.

Using CHET is easy! Simply go to the main page here and click "Report an Error;" simply fill out the form and submit. You will need to be logged in in order to submit a report. Before you submit, you should search for your error in the CHET database to make sure it hasn't been submitted before—the chart team may already be working on your issue! When an error you submitted is fixed, CHET automatically sends you an email with information on the fix.

Many of you may remember a version of CHET appeared on the old Blue & Gold website. While this version of CHET has been rewritten from scratch, you'll find it has all the features you expect from the old version.

Until now, our chart team has been using email and an excel spreadsheet to keep track of what they're working on—not very efficient. CHET will help them stay organized and should improve turnaround time on fixing chart issues. If you have an issue with our charts that's been bugging you, now is the perfect time to let us know about it!