Alert Notice (un-numbered February 1, 1980): Special Alert Notice [dwarf novae]

February 1, 1980

187 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel. 617-354-0484



We have just received a phone call from Dr. S. Mayo of Royal Greenwich Observatory in England stating that he and his colleagues will be observing dwarf novae at Tenerife once again. Their observing run is between February 8 through 21. He has requested our assistance once more. He wishes to be alerted to the outburst of dwarf novae (UG and Z Cam stars), particularly those with short outburst periods. They will be able to observe stars between 00h and 21h in right ascension, and +70o to -30o in declination. The following stars are of particular interest:

Designation  Star         (Designation is 1900)
0103+59     HT Cas
1140-03      TW Vir
0206+57     TZ Per
0324+58     AF Cam
0401+50     FO Per
0605+47    SS Aur
0749+22    U Gem
0803+62    SU UMa
0804+28    YZ Cnc
0855+18    SY Cnc
0945+12    X Leo
1133+03    T Leo
1227+14    AL Com
1247-28     EX Hya
1454+41    TT Boo
1640+25    AH Her
1813+49    AM Her

However, other dwarf novae at outburst are also of interest. Your help is crucial to the success of this experiment. Therefore, please observe the stars listed above and as many of the other dwarf novae as possible starting at the time you receive this Alert Notice through the end of February, and please call me if you observe any outburst of dwarf novae between Feb. 8 and 21. Phone: Headquarters 617-354-0484 weekdays; Home 617-xxx-xxxx weekends and nights. You may call me until 11 p.m. EST if you observe outbursts that night. Otherwise, please call the next morning. When necessary, call collect. Dr. Mayo will be calling us each day for up-to-date reports.

I extend to you the appreciation and thanks of Dr. Mayo, his colleagues, and myself for your previous contributions and wish you clear skies and good observing.