AAVSO Board Officers and Members - Brad Vietje

Brad Viejte

(Council member 2018 - 2020)

Zoology B.A., University of Vermont

An amateur astronomer and telescope maker for many years, I somehow survived the 50mm refractor phase, then went on to start an astronomy club, grinding & polishing my first telescope mirror in high school.

After careers in neuroscience research and solar design & consultation, I'm now engaged in astronomy education & outreach at a small dark sky observatory in northern Vermont.  Most of my work involves helping teachers bring observational astronomy into their classrooms, and bringing their students outside to nature's classroom.  We also help high school and college students tackle research projects involving photometry, astrometry or spectroscopy.   

Working with AAVSO has helped drive a fundamental shift in my teaching.  AAVSO provides many resources for teachers and researchers, and students at any level can learn a lot through careful photometry of variable stars.  I'm particularly fond of short period pulsators, since students can see a lot of change in a single night of observing.  Much of my own observing time is dedicated to AAVSO campaigns and pro-am research projects.

I'm especially interested in helping expand the AAVSO membership, with an eye toward greater diversity to balance our aging membership, all while guarding the integrity of the data we are charged to keep.

I've been a very lucky amateur since the 1970's, having always had access to wonderful instruments,B mentors, and learning opportunities, and I consider working with AAVSO to be a continuation of that good fortune.  I'm humbled to join such a distinguished group on the AAVSO Council!