AAVSO Board Officers and Members - Mark Munkascy

Board Member (2023–26)

I've been an AAVSO observer for more than 27 years, evolving from visual estimates using a little 6-inch Dob with homemade optics to my current BVRI CCD/CMOS work. I've been a member of the recent AAVSO Data Quality Task Force, the old AAVSO Comparison Star Database Team (during the transition from hand-drawn paper charts to today's database of sequence stars) and led the recent rewrite team that revised the AAVSO Guide to CCD/CMOS Photometry.

One of the AAVSO’s challenges is keeping pace with technology changes that affect our observing equipment, our analysis software, and the expectations of the researchers that use our data.

Modernization and innovation are essential; today's researchers have alternatives to the AAVSO for variable star observations. We will remain a preëminent source of data only by relentless improvement and adaptation. But, it’s important that changes are introduced to our databases and processes in a way that respects the AAVSO community as a diverse collection of variable star observers and researchers; our board needs to play a role in nurturing our members, addressing their needs, questions, and education—from newcomers figuring out if they're doing it right, to more experienced observers who can educate the rest of us.

As a board member, I’ll bring my career experience with the management of new technology research and development to help us collectively maintain a balance between our efforts to embrace and encourage new observers, expand training and education opportunities for everyone, and take advantage of the awesome ongoing advancements in software and sensor technology.

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