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Special Notice #117: Superoutburst of the infrequently outbursting dwarf nova HO Del (revised)

August 4, 2008

[Note: the text of this Special Notice has been revised to correct the origin of the initial report on this outburst.  This AAVSO Special Notice replaces AAVSO Special Notice #116.  We regret the error in citation.]

As reported on the CVNET website ( on 2008 August 3, the infrequently outbursting dwarf nova HO Del was observed in superoutburst by Hubert Hautecler on JD 2454681.5 and subsequently confirmed by Martin Nicholson.  This is the first time this star has been observed in superoutburst since 2001.  Observations submitted to the AAVSO indicate the star is currently near m(vis) ~ 14.7 (Gary Poyner, JD 2454682.485), and likely went into outburst some time between JD 2454680.43 (Eddy Muyllaert, m(vis) < 14.4) and JD 2454681.49 (Hubert Hautecler, m(vis) = 14.2).

Kato et al (2003; PASJ 55, 989) showed that this star has several peculiarities among the SU UMa stars, including: peculiar superhump behavior; a low outburst amplitude relative to other long recurrence-time SU UMa stars; and a high X-ray luminosity. Visual observations and instrumental time-series photometry of HO Del are encouraged.

HO Del is located at RA: 20 36 55.50 , Dec: +14 03 10.0 (J2000)

Charts and sequence photometry for HO Del are available via VSP:

Please submit data to the AAVSO as "HO Del" (AUID 000-BCL-980).

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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